The best PDF Editors for free in 2019 and 2020

Editing PDF documents is the toughest job that most people have to deal with. Converting PDF files into word documents can be time taking and hectic specially when you have a deadline. In such situation using PDF editors is the best solution that you have.

If you are looking to Edit PDF Documents, you must have thought of using Adobe’s products. But those products are paid, and you might not be able to afford that. Good for you, though, for there are free alternatives out there.

Here are the best free editors to help edit PDF documents, and maybe even more:


AbleWord is not only a PDF editor, it is a complete word processing application. That edit documents in the most popular document formats that are available right now. Look at it like this.

AbleWord is like a love child of Word and Adobe, adding features from both.

The only negative thing about AbleWord that we notice is that the support for this free word processing software end in 2015. Thus, it may not be able to support PDFs that have the latest PDF viewers in mind.

AbleWord may also run into bugs and issues with your latest Windows version. Because, as we mention earlier, it has no recent update. AbleWord also doesn’t work on any other platform except Windows.


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PDFsam (Basic)

In our opinion, the most full-featured pdf editor in this list is PDFsam. PDFsam is free, and open-source and gets updated every now and then. It is available on most platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac, and there are many variants out there. But the Basic variant is the most effective, and smallest version. That is design to split, merge, mix and rotate PDF pages, as a PDF editor.
PDFsam works on 64-bit hardware, but they have a dedicate portion for 32-bit hardware too. If you are running old hardware. You can also compile your own version of PDFsam, adding and removing features on your whim.


PDF Shaper

PDF Shaper combines the features of PDFsam basic and adds different other options. Though originally available to buy commercially, there is a free version available for use on a personal basis. PDF Shaper helps add, remove or extract all kinds of content to or from a PDF file, effectively. PDF shaper also gives you the option to add a watermark to each file, so you can use it for your university project without having to worry about the file(s) getting pirated.


PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer is the fastest PDF reader available for use. XChange Viewer comes with built in OCR, a technology which allows the computer to read actual characters off images. You can use this viewer to automatically convert text from an image into editable text, without having to rely on typewriting or gimmicks that might not even work.
PDF-XChange Viewer is available for Windows platforms, from Windows XP onwards. Because it is design for Windows XP, you may run into some visual issues with Windows 10, though because it packs so many features in a free application, anyone will be willing to look over that.

Conclusion for Edit PDF Documents

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There are many other “Free” PDF viewers available online, but we have personally tested these ones, and are sure that they will probably not steal your data, like many free tools available on the internet are so keen to do. You can select the one that meets your demands perfectly.