How to delete your Facebook account permanently

If you got tired of this old social networking thing and you find yourself asking on how to delete your Facebook account – and probably how great that would be – you’re in the right place!

By deleting your Facebook account you bravely leaving the world’s most popular social network, but should you actually care? Not that much. And here’s why: there are a ton of other social networks out there that have millions of users and provide great services that you may find useful. If you want to meet professionals, just take a look at LinkedIn. If you want to find stuff you may love, check out Pinterest. Want to see more photos of your loved ones? Instagram is the right place! You may love read and talk with other communities, and if that’s the case, Google Plus and Reddit are the go-to social networks.

There are a lot of things Facebook got wrong, and letting people delete their accounts is one of them. Unfortunately for the most users, deleting your Facebook account is a hidden option (you should be embarrassed of yourself Zuckerberg). But if you have the right link, you could easily delete your account for good. And no, we’re not talking about deactivating your account for a period of time, we’re gonna show you how to permanently delete it. For good. No turning this around.

Before you go and delete everything..

How to backup your Facebook account

First things first, visit and backup everything. You may want to delete your whole account, but that doesn’t mean you have to loose your posts, pictures, videos etc. You can save everything in your local disk and access it offline.

In order to backup your Facebook account, go to the Settings page and then click at the “Download a copy” link.

How to backup your facebook account

In the next page, click at the green button “Start My Archive” and wait until Facebook completes the operation. After that, check your e-mail and you’ll find a download link.

How to delete your Facebook account permanently

How to delete your Facebook account permanently

Before you go and delete everything, have in mind that after this step, your Facebook account will be deleted for good. That means that any third-party apps you may have used in the past using your Facebook account will be deleted. The same goes for every website you registered using your Facebook account.

Facebook will let you know how many platform applications are going to be deleted before you go and delete everything.

If you still want to proceed, visit this page over here and click at the “Delete my account” button. Facebook will ask you to add your password and then you will be able to delete your account.

Is there any particular reason you want to delete your Facebook account? We would love to hear from you in the comments section bellow.

Image Credits: Pixabay